Victoria’s road safety education strategy

The Victorian Road Safety Education Reference Group develops strategic Action Plans to ensure a coordinated approach to road safety education in Victoria. The Action Plan outlines each agency's commitments to provide specific evidence-based road safety education resources and programs.

View Victoria's Road Safety Education Action Plan 2014-2016.

Victoria's approach to road safety education is based on a review in 2004 (Elliott) which recommended that Victoria adopt a targeted approach to the implementation of road safety education, using a 'core program plus enrichment' model.

This model proposes that 'core' or essential road safety education is delivered at specific times to target the relevant road safety issues for:

  • pre-school – holding hands, passenger restraint and parent modelling and supervision
  • early primary – pedestrian and passenger safety, particularly the "Stop, Look, Listen and Think" crossing procedure
  • transition to secondary – pedestrian, public transport and cycling safety as independent travellers
  • pre-licence – young driver safety issues, including speed, alcohol and other drugs, fatigue, peer group pressure and distractions while driving.

This targeted approach is supported by crash and injury data. Motivation for learning is also generally higher at these times. The core road safety education program is complemented by an extensive range of enrichment resources.

More information

Victoria's Road Safety Strategy – Victoria's road safety strategy is designed to keep Victoria at the forefront of Australian and international efforts to reduce road trauma, to deliver further major improvements to our road transport system, and to improve safety for all Victorian road users.

Administrative Guidelines for Traffic Safety Education (PDF - 790Kb) - a support document to the Victorian Government Schools Reference Guide. It provides practical advice on running school programs, with some rationale for Traffic Safety Education activities.

12 Apr 2016