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Near and far, fast and slow, towards and away

Learning areas:
  • Maths
  • Health & Physical Education
Year levels:
  • Early Learner
  • Year 1
  • Year 2

Using the pictures of vehicles at [INSERT LINK TO PICTURES], explain the concepts of near/far, fast/slow, towards/away.

Line up three or four students to determine that they are the same height. Position them at various distances away from you and the class. Ask:

  • Who is the tallest?
  • Why does X seem so small?
  • Are X and Y really that tall or small?
  • Are people harder to see when they are further away?
  • Are smaller people more difficult to see than adults?

Have a parent helper demonstrate the concepts of near/far, fast/slow, towards/away with a bicycle or a car, if possible, in the school grounds.

Discussion questions

  • How does he size of a vehicle change as it gets closer?
  • How can you tell if a vehicle coming towards you is travelling slow or fast?
  • How do you know if a vehicle is coming towards you?
  • How do know if a vehicle is going away from you?

Information for teachers

It is important for students to understand that the size of vehicles appear to change as they come closer. Students should know that two vehicles that appear to be about the same size may be different distances away. One may be a large vehicle (e.g. a truck or bus) further away and the other a smaller vehicle close by.

Victorian curriculum

Health and PE


Identify people and actions that help keep themselves safe and healthy (VCHPEP059)

Identify actions that promote health, safety and wellbeing (VCHPEP062)

Level 1 & 2

Recognise situations and opportunities to promote their own health, safety and wellbeing (VCHPEP074)



Describe position and movement (VCMMG082)