Fit to Drive Student Voices Forum

Year levels:
  • Year 9
  • Year 10
  • Year 11
  • Year 12

Empowering student leaders to contribute to the creation of a road safety culture in their community through developing and implementing a road safety initiative in their school and/or broader community

Young people to influence their peers and therefore should be part of a comprehensive whole of school and whole of community approach to road safety

The Fit to Drive Student Leaders Forum is designed as an extension of the F2D Year 11 Workshop. Bringing student leaders and school staff from a number of schools within a community to address local road safety issues impacting young people

Students are given the opportunity to collaborate with peers from local schools and identify the key road safety issues within their community.

Guided by Fit to Drive Foundations Peer Facilitators (university students who have undertaken training in facilitation) students identify possible initiatives that will promote road safety within their community

Key representatives from local government, Victoria Police and local businesses, assess the student’s initiatives and provide support in their planning, development and promotion. This support varies, but may include writing funding applications, social media, marketing…