Year 6 Safe Journeys

Primary School Excursion In-Class Health and PE English Year 6

The Safe Journeys program is a practical and engaging Year 6 program (incorporating a visit to Road to Zero at Melbourne Museum) that supports students to become safe independent travellers as they near the exciting milestone of starting secondary school.

Created in collaboration with Year 6 teachers and the Victorian Government’s Road Safety Partners, the Safe Journeys program empowers ‘tweens’ to develop trip planning skills – including the best route to and from secondary school – as well as safe road and public transport practices.

A key aspect of the program is the opportunity for students to apply their newly acquired knowledge to planning and undertaking a journey (excursion) to the Road to Zero Education Complex at Melbourne Museum where they’ll extend their learning through immersive road safety experiences.

Accompanying Resources

The Safe Journeys program is supported by teacher lesson plans (Teacher Road Map), including pre- and post-visit learning activities, teaching tips, additional resource links, curriculum outcomes and extension ideas.

Students complete their own Safe Journeys program Student Road Map, collecting virtual stamps along the way to record and recognise their learning.

Overview of Program and Lesson Plans

The Safe Journeys program offers 10 lesson plans that can be adapted to fit your teaching schedule. NB. If you are intending to undertake the Road to Zero excursion, we highly recommend completing all the activities to optimise students’ understanding and learning outcomes.

1. Pre-visit

Activities 1-3 are undertaken at school with a class teacher. The intention is for students to:

  • gain an understanding of the resources and transport options available to them.
  • develop road safety knowledge and journey planning skills.

2. Visit (excursion with free entry) to Road to Zero at Melbourne Museum

Activities 4 and 5 take place at the Road to Zero Education Complex at Melbourne Museum where a trained facilitator will guide students through hands-on learning experiences where they will:

  • deepen their understanding of the road safety concepts of Safer Roads, Safer Speeds, Safer Vehicles and Safer People.

3. Post-visit

Activities 6–10 are follow-up lessons to complete at school with the class teacher to reinforce student learning and encourage ‘next step’ action based on the understanding gained. Students will:

  • demonstrate the ability to independently plan safe trips using the road/transport network
  • reflect on their understanding of road safety and make a commitment to playing their part to reduce road trauma.

For classes with a less flexible schedule there are alternative options, such as the ‘express’ bundle, to support a visit to Road to Zero with fewer lessons, but with fundamental learnings covered.

Student-Planned Excursion to Road To Zero

A highlight of the Safe Journeys program is the excursion to the world-first Road to Zero Education Complex, developed by the TAC in partnership with Melbourne Museum.

At Road to Zero, students will participate in a curriculum-based program developed specifically for Year 6 students that comprises:

  • Welcome to Road to Zero: A Road to Zero facilitator welcomes students and introduces them to the Safe System approach to road safety.
  • Experience Space: In small groups, students participate in an activities in the immersive Experience Space featuring the latest visual and digital technology to show students and the wider community how Victoria is moving towards a future where every journey is a safe one (70 minutes).
  • Lunch break (45 minutes)
  • Learning Studio: After a brief facilitator-led introduction, students work in small groups to create health campaign videos (which will be saved and sent to the class teacher) on the topic of bicycling or scooter safety using touch table technology (65 minutes).

From arrival (10:30am) to departure (2pm), your time spent at the Melbourne Museum will be approximately 3.5 hours.

Curriculum Links
  • Health and physical education (level 5 & 6) being healthy, safe and active
  • Communicating and interacting for health and wellbeing
  • Contributing to healthy and active communities
  • English (level 6) literacy
  • The arts – media arts (level 5 & 6) present and perform
  • Ethical capability (level 5 & 6) understanding concepts

To secure your spot in Term 4, call Museum Bookings on 13 11 02 or email

Statewide Video Competition

Following the visit to Road to Zero, teachers and students will receive an email with a copy of the road safety ads created in the Learning Studios.

Teachers are encouraged to enter their classes top two (2) video ads into the statewide video competition. Winning videos will be displayed through TAC and Melbourne Museum social media channels promoting your school and students. A special prize will also be awarded to the winners.

To enter the competition:

  • forward the teacher email you receive to with the subject "Statewide Video Competition"
  • only include the two (2) videos that were chosen by the class as successful
  • teachers please note - it is important to forward the email you receive with the videos and delete the unsuccessful ones. As the files are large, they will be difficult to download and then send again.

The winning videos will be announced prior to the end of the school year and prizes will be awarded.

Good Luck!