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Learner/Novice Driver Tertiary Education Incursion VCAL
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Work Smart Drive Smart is a pilot workplace road safety program that is evidence based, practical and free for new apprentices in construction trades who need to drive for work and are on their P plates.

The program is designed to provide the knowledge and practical skills to help new apprentices deal with the unique driving challenges they face at work.

Who is it for?

Work Smart Drive Smart is targeted at new or first year apprentices in construction trades who need to drive for work and are on their P plates.

How it works

This free program is self-contained and delivered by trained road safety facilitators and experienced trade trainers. It caters for up to 12 participants per session and runs for 6 hours including breaks with lunch provided.

Our Work Smart Drive Smart team will come to your facility and conduct the program on site. All they require is a suitable room or classroom space and an open area for practical learning demonstrations using the program’s ute and van demonstration vehicles.

Apprentices will learn about important road safety risks in the construction industry like mobile phone use, fatigue and the characteristics of a safe work vehicle. They will be taught about speed and stopping distances, including when towing vehicles, and develop knowledge and practical skills in safely loading and packing vehicles. The program provides a hands-on, practical environment that allows our facilitators to help participants to develop strategies for dealing with risky situations on the job.

When is it running?

The program will commence in February 2024.

Bookings and Enquiries

For bookings, please use the booking enquiries form. For any enquiries, please email and we can discuss how we can support your apprentice road safety needs.