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Choices about safety

Learning areas:
  • Health & Physical Education
Year levels:
  • Year 1
  • Year 2
  • Year 3
  • Year 4

Using these ‘makes you think’ scenarios, ask students to consider what choices they have, what might happen next and how they might deal with the situation.

1. You are with your older brother taking your dog for a walk around the block. Your brother says, “Let the dog off the lead so she can have a good run around.”

2. It’s raining after school and you and your friend don’t have your raincoats or umbrellas. You see your mum’s car parked down the street. You offer your friend a ride home. There are lots of children waiting for the children’s crossing supervisor to tell them it is safe to cross. You are both getting wet. Your friend says, “This takes too long. Let’s run along the footpath and cross right near your mum’s car.”

3. You are using the children’s crossing after school. When you are almost across, you drop the important excursion note you are holding in your hand. The wind blows it along the road, and under a car waiting at the crossing. “Go and get it,” says your friend, “it has to be back at school tomorrow!”

4. You are walking to the park with two of your friends. You reach the pedestrian crossing when the red walk signal is flashing. “Come on. Let’s run across now,” says one of your friends.

Have students devise their own ‘makes you think’ situation, share it and discuss with the class.

Discussion questions

  • What might happen if you did this?
  • How would you feel?
  • What could you say?
  • What would you do?
  • What would you do if a particular response didn’t work?

Victorian curriculum

Health and PE

Levels 1 & 2

Recognise situations and opportunities to promote their own health, safety and wellbeing (VCHPEP074)

Levels 3 & 4

Describe and apply strategies that can be used in situations that make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe (VCHPEP090)

Personal and social capability

Levels 1 & 2

Recognise that conflict occurs and distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate ways to deal with conflict (VCPSCSO015)

Levels 3 & 4

Identify conflicts that may occur in peer groups and suggest possible causes and resolutions (VCPSCSO024)