Using Ethos to Persuade - Cool Australia

Learning areas:
  • English
  • The Humanities
Year levels:
  • Year 9
  • Year 10

We have a complex relationship with our mobile phones that is more than screen deep. Mobile phone use and the impact it has had upon society is a contemporary social issue with far-reaching effects on our community’s safety, health and wellbeing.

In this lesson, students will complete a ‘Think-Pair-Share’ visible thinking routine to become familiar with Pathos – a rhetorical device used to persuade. They will watch Phone Etiquette – a clip associated with the documentary It’s People Like Us– and identify examples of when Pathos is used to persuade the audience. They will then apply their understanding by writing a caption for an image from the While No one Was Watching photo essay using emotional appeals to change people’s minds about mobile phones.

Visit the Cool Australia website via the link below to access the curriculum materials.