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Module 3 Safe System design for a road transport system

Download the coursework for Module 3 including lecture and tutorial content.

Module 3: Safe System design for a road transport system builds on the knowledge learned in Module 2 and provides students with further insights into the practical application of the Safe System. Topics will address the underlying physical mechanisms of harm and the practical solutions that can be used to address these mechanisms. Students are also introduced into the application of these solutions and the tools that can be used to decide what is done where.

Module 3 is aimed towards students with prior learning experience in basic engineering subjects and who have an interest in developing knowledge about road transport engineering.

This module has been designed to be delivered in six parts. All lecture, tutorial and case study content is available for you below to download and use.

Part 1: Managing energy on our roads

Part 2: Eliminating harm at intersections

Part 3: Eliminating harm from road departures

Part 4: Eliminating harm to vulnerable road users

Part 5: The system gap

Part 6: Safe System design tools

Learning materials

The tutorials have been developed to allow students to demonstrate the knowledge that they have gained through each module. Three tutorials are available for Module 3.

To obtain the questions and answers relevant to this module please contact the TAC via askus@tac.vic.gov.au