Lesson Plan

Module 4: Managing the transition to the Safe System

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About the module

Module 4: Managing the transition to the Safe System for a road transportation system provides students with an insight on how the theoretical and practical learning of the Safe System may be operationalised over the broader road transportation network. Topics will address the problems being faced with achieving widespread implementation of the Safe System, an approach to transforming the road transportation system and key institutional barriers that need to be overcome to achieve transformation. Module 4 is aimed towards students with prior learning experience in basic engineering subjects and who have an interest in developing knowledge about road transport engineering.

Lecture materials

This is the forth Module for the SS4U unit for engineering students and educators. Module 4 has been designed to be delivered in five parts.

All lecture and tutorial content is available for you to download and use below.

Learning materials

The tutorials have been developed to allow students to demonstrate the knowledge that they have gained through each module. Two tutorials are available for Module 4.



  1. Duty of care
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  2. Transformation PDF, 0.22MB