Lesson Plan

Promoting Safe Walking and Cycling

Primary School In-Class Interactive Learning Health and PE English Year 5 Year 6
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Walking and cycling are key ways to travel sustainably while keeping active and fit. It’s important that children and their families are encouraged to walk and cycle whenever they can, rather than travel by car. However, it’s essential that children understand how to be safe as both a pedestrian and cyclist.

In this lesson, students research an organisation that promotes safe walking or cycling and discuss the strategies that the organisation uses.

Curriculum Alignment

This lesson supports:

  • Health and Physical Education
    • Investigate community resources and strategies to seek help about health, safety and wellbeing (VCHPEP107)
  • English – Level 5
    • Navigate and read imaginative, informative and persuasive texts by interpreting structural features, including tables of content, glossaries, chapters, headings and subheadings and applying appropriate text processing strategies, including monitoring meaning, skimming and scanning (VCELY318)
  • English – Level 6
    • Select, navigate and read increasingly complex texts for a range of purposes, applying appropriate text processing strategies to recall information and consolidate meaning (VCELY346)

Download the lesson plan in the link above.