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The Bike Ed program has been completely modernised with the addition of interactive learning content for use in classrooms, including lesson plans (linked to the Victorian Curriculum), guides and worksheets, videos, and illustrations. These resources were developed with the input of current Victorian teachers. This program has been expanded to cover Years 1–8 (students ages 6 to 14 years), and an adult program too. Previously, Bike Ed was only available to Primary School years 5 & 6.

So we can reach more children and adults and teach them about cycling safely and independently on paths and roads.

Children aged between Years 1 to 8; and adults of any age and ability.

Safe cycling needs our bike riders, including our youngest and most vulnerable bike riders, to have the best knowledge, skills, and information available to make safe choices.

The Bike Ed schools program is an in-school program that allows and encourages school students to learn about road rules, riding in a shared environment and safe riding behaviours. It also uses practical lessons to ensure riders have the physical abilities to ride safely and provides foundational skills to enable older students to ride independently.

Cycling has several benefits; it’s a healthy and active, it’s low-cost and it helps to ease congestion at peak traffic times and it’s great for the environment.

Contact your school and tell them about this Bike Ed program and share this Bike Ed website and resources.

Ensure your child has plenty of time, under adult supervision, to practice the skills they are learning at school. Read the Family guide to Bike Ed.

Spend time helping your child to develop and practice their skills. When parents/carers ride with their child and show them safe behaviours, they turn an enjoyable activity into a valuable learning opportunity and experience.

Assist in running a Bike Ed program in your child’s school.

Anyone can teach Bike Ed, if you are a teacher, parent or member of the community interested in becoming a Bike Ed instructor you can undertake the Bike Ed instructor training.  If you don’t want to lead the Bike Ed training, you can still support the instructors/teachers by volunteering your time and assisting them to deliver Bike Ed in schools and the community. Instructor training is currently available through the cycling safe website and the training program will be updated after we have finalised the new training content and accreditation process (see below question).

Delivery of the Bike Ed program in schools and for community groups will be undertaken by accredited instructors. Often, PE teachers undertake the Instructor training, but any teacher or support staff or even a parent at the school can complete the training. Similarly, any interested community member can undertake instructor training. The more staff that a school has accredited, the easier and more flexible the program is to run and the more sustainable the Bike Ed program is. The new program will seek to make accreditation easier, more accessible and less of a time commitment for participants.

Master trainers are qualified people who train people such as PE teachers, schools staff, parents etc to become accredited Bike Ed instructors.

The accreditation process for master trainers is currently undergoing the final stages of development and will be available in the coming months.

Bicycle trailers are available for hire throughout the state (link back to the section in website content)

VicRoads Community Road Safety Grants will include the updated BikeEd program as an eligible program under the grants. Under the Community Road Safety Grants, schools and community groups can apply for funding for training teachers/staff, equipment maintenance, and running a Bike Ed Challenge.

There are other opportunities and resources available to schools and councils via the Transport Accident Commission (TAC)Active Schools via Department of Education and Training (DET); and Sport and Recreation Victoria via Ride to School.