Lesson Plan

Importance of Bicycle Helmets

Secondary School In-Class Interactive Learning Science Year 7 Year 8
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Cycling is a key way to travel sustainably while keeping active and fit. However, it’s essential that children understand how to be safe as a cyclist, including the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet.

In this lesson, students investigate how bike helmets protect a cyclist’s head in a crash through energy transfer and transformation.

This lesson links directly with the Bike Ed program resources available for Years 7 - 8 Health and PE


Curriculum Alignment

This activity supports:

Science Understanding

  • Physical sciences
    • Energy appears in different forms including movement (kinetic energy), heat, light, chemical energy and potential energy; devices can change energy from one form to another (VCSSU104)

Science Inquiry Skills

  • Planning and conducting
    • Collaboratively and individually plan and conduct a range of investigation types, including fieldwork and experiments, ensuring safety and ethical guidelines are followed (VCSIS108)
  • Analysing and evaluating
    • Use scientific knowledge and findings from investigations to identify relationships, evaluate claims and draw conclusions (VCSIS111)

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