Lesson Plan

Road Safety Risks for Young People

Secondary School In-Class Interactive Learning Health and PE Year 7 Year 8
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Road safety is an issue for children and young people. But there are a variety of strategies to reduce the risk associated with these age groups.

In this lesson, students investigate the key road safety risks for young people, and they consider the extent to which their families and peers influence their road safety behaviours related to these key risks. They identify strategies to improve road safety for young people, and develop key messages and ideas for a public awareness campaign.

Curriculum Alignment

This activity supports:

Personal, Social and Community Health

  • Being healthy, safe and active
    • Investigate and select strategies to promote health, safety and wellbeing (VCHPEP126)
  • Contributing to healthy and active communities
    • Plan and use strategies and resources to enhance the health, safety and wellbeing of their communities (VCHPEP130)

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