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Road Safety Education - play mat

Year levels:
  • Early Learner
  • Prep

The road safety education play mat has been designed to complement the Starting Out Safely resources. We engaged Gowrie Victoria(External link) to develop an educator and family resource guide, with references to the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework.

Road safety education play mat

Age group

3 to 10 years


The play mat allows children to explore a Victorian road environment, while enhancing their road safety knowledge and understanding. The play mat depicts a street scene including Victorian roads and signage and a variety of features children see and experience in their everyday environment.


80 cm x 118 cm vinyl, water resistant play mat.


Play mats are also available for purchase at a cost of $20 each.


Play mats can be ordered by calling VicRoads on (03) 8391 3255

Additional resources

Play mat - Educator and family resource [PDF 2.2 Mb]