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Module 1 Safe System principles in engineering

Download the coursework for Module 1 including lecture, tutorial and case study content.

Module 1: Safe System principles in engineering provides students with an introduction into engineering safety within a range of engineering related industries. Examples are drawn from the aviation, road transport, mining, oil and gas, nuclear, manufacturing and construction industries. Topics will address the principles, ethics and cultures of safety within systems, as well as harm as an outcome of gaps within system safety.

Module 1 is aimed towards students being introduced to the field of engineering and those undertaking basic engineering subjects.

This module has been designed to be delivered in six parts. All lecture, tutorial and case study content is available for you below to download and use.

Part 1: Ethics of safety

Part 2: How harm occurs

Part 3: Human error and system failure

Part 4: Managing risk

Part 5: Evolution of safety culture

Part 6: Leading practice

Learning material

The tutorials have been developed to allow students to demonstrate the knowledge that they have gained through each module. Three tutorials are available for Module 1.

Each tutorial requires the use of a case study that describes the events of a real or theoretical road crash. Three case studies are available for use, or you can decide to use one of your own.

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